Miranda watched the bush closely as robin closed in on its prey. The unsuspecting worm was snatched up in an instant, and the robin fluttered away into the spring time air.


As Miranda pondered her favorite high school teachers, she realized she did not have enough to warrant making a list.


"Sometimes it happens - we find out that our heroes are fallible. Its part of life."


"I want you to spend some time thinking very carefully about what you are going to do next," Morris explained "because what you do from now on is going to change your life and the lives of everyone around you."

Walter looked intently at the trees swaying in the breeze.


"I'm a culinary failure! Cooking is just another thing I can't do." Gina bandaged Walter's hand and leg as he sobbed and moaned. Miranda looked down at her feet in uncomfortable silence.


Marco put his head on Gina's shoulder.

"I am you're brother," he said quietly.

"Its true," Gina replied, "It has taken me sixteen years to find our parents."
Walter pulled the tragic result of his hard work out of the oven. As the pan came to rest on the hole in his oven mit, he shrieked. Walter jerked his arm, and in an instant, the burnt loaf shattered the kitchen window.